Oops! Kendall Jenner Takes a Spill on Her Foot Scooter

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A video posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Kendall Jenner was cruisin' around on her PhunkeeDuck and doing pretty well, until she took a turn a little too tight and things went awry. "Got too cocky," she joked in the video caption.

That thing actually looks really fun! We looked it up and according to their Facebook page, it's like a Segway and skateboard in one. There are currently five colors available, but if you want one of your own, it will set you back $1500.

It looks easy enough to operate and when they put professional BMX'er Nigel Sylvester on one, we got a taste of what kind of cool tricks the pros will be able to do with these things. This was actually his first day using one.

Again, this guy is a pro...but Kendall is a professional model, so would it be too much to ask to see her "walk" the runway on one of these?
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