This New Photo-Sharing App Makes It Very Difficult for Trolls to Bother People

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Whether you've had it happen to you or you've just witnessed it, cyberbullying is running rampant on social media sites. We've all seen it happen to celebrities pretty much every time they post a photo, there is some troll (or hundreds of them) just waiting to write their mean comments.

This new photo-sharing app, Hyper, is modeled after Instagram and Reddit, but there's one huge difference, one that the haters are really going to hate - there's no profile attached to your username. So, if a troll tries to go scrolling through all of someone's pictures and writing mean stuff on them, they're gonna have to use a different app because Hyper just isn't having it.

The downside is that you can't have 'followers' because there is in essence no profile for people TO follow. Instead, you post based on interests and/or topics. If negative comments do start popping up, so when we sign on, we'll search #dogs and we can up or down vote the posts we see there, which helps Hyper determine which posts are more or less popular.

"The system of voting that we have actually takes care of the bullying comments, and if it gets out of control, we get rid of it," the app's co-creator told Think Progress. "You hear about Yik Yak, you hear about Whisper and their bullying problem. Yik Yak deals with bullying because of what the audience is: It's geo-based so there's shared knowledge between users, like around schools. With Twitter and Instagram, the audience is your followers."

On Hyper, the audience changes depending on which hashtag you use, so it would be extremely difficult for a troll to continue to bother the same person.

What do you think? Will you give it a try?
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