New Technology Could Allow You to Unlock Your Phone By Scanning Your Ear

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Apple recently introduced Touch ID, which is a huge upgrade from the traditional passcode. BodyPrint, a new technology being developed in the Yahoo Labs, could take things a step further and would allow the user to unlock their phone with their ear if they wanted to.

So, how does it work? The experimental system uses the touch screen as a scanner and because it is scanning larger areas, it does not require the expensive high-resolution technology that is required for fingerprints and could thus be utilized on all touch devices.

"Due to their cost, capacitive fingerprint scanners have been limited to top-of-the-line phones, a result of the required resolution and quality of the sensor," the project's website explains. "While the input resolution of a touchscreen is ~6 dpi, the surface area is larger, allowing the touch sensor to scan users' body parts, such as ears, fingers, fists, and palms by pressing them against the display."

So, instead of typing in your passcode, you could basically fist-bump your phone and unlock it. As the video above shows, there are other applications, too. You could use BodyPrint to lock a document and unless someone is able to authenticate with any of the recognized body parts - access denied!

No word yet on if/when BodyPrint will be made available to the public, but in the immediate future, their next step is to try to improve the recognition algorithms and then test the technology on a wider scale.
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