Denied Access: No Selfies Allowed at the Met Gala

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Turn down for what? That's probably the burning question on the minds of many celebrities who are planning to grace this year's Met Gala with their fabulous presence. What's with all this talk of party pooping, you may ask. Well, we don't mean to point fingers but reportedly, the use of phones, social media, and photography are absolutely prohibited at the 2015 Met Gala. Seriously?! A Met Gala without a steady stream of celebrity selfies is basically the rain on social media's parade, but we'll just have to deal without instant photos of all our faves who plan to attend.

What could prompt this overt anti-selfie stance? A source claims that the new rule is strictly to ensure that the guests are safe and enjoy themselves while wining and dining in their Met Gala's finest, but there's also talk of a documentary being filmed inside the fancy fete. Hmm...could that be code for "Anna Wintour hates being photobombed," or "Kim Kardashian spent all night in the ladies' room perfecting her selfies and we're over it"?

All we know is the night will be awfully uneventful without the usual insta-access. Imagine all the up-to-the-minute, sexy, single-handed snapshots and elegant duck faces we stand to miss out on.

SIGH. Let the selfie turn down begin.

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