What Happens When Guys Apply Makeup to Women for the First Time?

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Here are four words for the makeup application-challenged segment of society - you are not alone. This absolutely adorable YouTube video presented by Cosmopolitan shows a group of seemingly well-intentioned guys trying their best (we think) to apply makeup to women's faces for the first time. While we must give props to everyone involved, the ladies deserve some major kudos for lending their precious pores to this project. For the most part, the guys appeared to be totally clueless, but in the sweetest way.

Sorry, fellas. It's clear that you tried your best and we admire your determination and commitment, but trust us when we say, less is more.

What the experiment boiled down to is a basic crash course that could've easily been named Hot Mess Makeup Application 101, but honestly for first-timers, they probably could've done much worse. Some of the mistakes were slight (removing excess makeup with a spare Starbucks napkin), while other facial faux pas were more obvious (applying two coats of different lipstick and a cat eye so severe it sprouted whiskers).

In the end, the really cool thing about this video is no matter how skilled (or unskilled) the guys were, they all seemed to be extremely attentive and genuinely interested in making sure the ladies really could put their best faces forward.


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