Did Jason Derulo Really Fall at the Met Gala?

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Our neck is hurting just looking at this! The tumble looks WAY worse than Madonna's at the Brit Awards.

So who's the unlucky fellow? If you listen to the Internet, it's none other than "Wiggle" singer Jason Derulo. He supposedly took the nasty fall during the Met Gala. But is it really him? We can't see his face, after all.

A little research revealed that the white suit-clad gentleman was NOT Jason as everyone believed. In fact, it did not even take place at the Met Gala nor this year. The unidentified man fell at Cannes back in 2011.
met gala china through the looking glass jason derulo
Crazy how rumors get started, right?

We can't imagine why anyone would even think to say it was Jason of all people, except that it looks like the dude is mid-breakdancing move on the steps and the crooner is known to be a talented dancer.

Another possible, far-fetched reason: Jason has a penchant for white suits and wore one during his last public appearance with ex-girlfriend Jordin Sparks. Maybe Jordin is behind all of this? Who really knows?

We doubt she'd be that petty. Besides, she's reportedly already moved on with rapper Sage the Gemini.

In any event, peep the memes the Internet made up - along with this story, apparently - below:

white suit china through the looking glass fallwhite suit china through the looking glass fallwhite suit china through the looking glass fallwhite suit china through the looking glass fall

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