New App Lets Users Text Strangers to Ask for Advice

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Remember when your mom told you not to talk to strangers? She probably meant texting them, too, right?

Much to mom's dismay, this new app is designed to let you do exactly that. But, WHY would you want to text a stranger? To ask for advice.

Sensay is a new messaging app that allows you to ask for on-demand help from totally random strangers. The good news is that the app claims to be totally anonymous, so hopefully that will help protect you if you happen to get hooked up with a weirdo.

You can ask the app things like "What is the best pizza place in Chicago?" or "Where can I get a manicure in Manhattan?" A lot of the same things we currently ask Google, but the Sensay app connects you to people who have deemed themselves knowledgeable in those fields. "It's just like texting a friend, but we connect you directly to the exact right person you need to know each time," their website explains.

So, how do they find their experts? When you sign up, you note your areas of expertise. Gardening, sports, tech, tell 'em whatever you're good at. People will ask you advice on those subjects the same way you're asking people about things you might want to know and there you go.

According to TechCrunch, the company plans to expand to enlisting professional Sensays, who could get paid for sharing their knowledge. Another potential area they're looking into is incorporating on-demand services that brands can offer. So, if you ask for the best pizza place in a certain city, the answer could include a referral link to the top parlor.

The app will be arriving soon in the App Store and on Google Play.
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