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Don't Do That: 13 Things Your Bae Should Avoid

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1. Tell us that we should exercise, unless you're a doctor.

Between pro-life and pro-ink, we've had enough men telling us what to do with our bodies. When you tell us that we should be exercising MORE, or at all, we feel like you're telling us that we're not treating our own bodies right. And that makes us mad.

2. Tell us, "Don't eat that!"

Because, why shouldn't we eat that? Unless we're digesting arsenic, we're not harming ourselves by eating what we want, or even, "eating a lot for a girl." Just stop dictating what we should and should not eat because your comments might lead to an eating disorder.

3. Tell us how to dress or do our makeup.

Do not tell us that we're dressing for you! We dress to be comfortable and confident. We don't need to dress to impress you; our charm and good looks can take care of that. And we never wear too much makeup, no matter how much we wear.

4. Tell us how we should talk.

Oh, I'm sorry. Are we too sarcastic for you? Is our vocabulary too expansive? Do we swear too much for a girl? Well, too bad! We'll talk how we want to talk.

5. Tell us who we can or cannot talk to.

If you don't like our friends, that's fine, but stop telling us we shouldn't associate with them. Maybe they are a bit of a bad influence, but we'll learn. And we'll talk to who we want anyway.

6. Tell us that we're not in love when you barely know what you're feeling yourself.

We know we're young, but we also know what we're feeling. And we do know when we're in love. Of course, we still have a lot to learn about love, but we can still feel it now.

7. Tell us how we feel.

Because that'll get a sensible reaction out of us! We deserve to have our feelings validated just as much as anyone else. When we're mad, we're mad. When we're happy, we're happy. You don't have to tell us otherwise. And DON'T ask us if we're on our period just because we're feeling a bit more emotional.

8. Tell us who we should be.

We're not your little playthings. We're not going to wait on you hand and foot. We have too much dignity to be anyone but ourselves, and when you tell us we should be anyone else, you're the only one that looks bad.

9. Tell us what we can and cannot do.

When you tell us that we can't do something, we're just going to try even harder to prove you wrong. When you tell us what we shouldn't do, we're definitely going to do that anyway.

10. Tell a girl she shouldn't dream about doing that one thing.

Some of us want to be scientists, and some of us want to run our country. Some of us want to be artists and athletes. And some of us want to be homemakers. These are our dreams, and by crushing them, you're actually crushing us.

11. Tell a girl to be more like a girl.

I spit like a truck driver, and I like climbing trees. I watch football and exploring abandoned things. My favorite hat is a baseball cap. I can be "boyish," but that doesn't make me less of a girl. And you should never tell me it does.

12. Tell us that we're less than you just because we're girls.

Because we're not. We can make more money than you. We can be more important than you. We can be the dominant partner. But the great thing is that we can also be equal to you, too!

13. Tell us that we're not of the same species as humans.

Because we hate hearing it. We're all humans. No matter our gender, our color or our background. We're all made of the same stuff. And we all know how to love equally.
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