Get More Sisters Than a Kardashian: 15 Reasons to Join a Sorority

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Recently, Greek systems across the United States have been in the media for the worst of reasons. The issues that are being exposed are glaring, scary, and real, but that doesn't negate many amazing things about joining a sorority. When I was a wide-eyed freshman attending an out-of-state college where a fifth (3,000) of the students were Greek, I wasn't really sure what to do. Neither of my sisters went Greek, but I was a midwestern transplant in my first week of classes and I wanted to make friends and explore, so I signed up. Here are just a few of the positives of joining a sisterhood.

1. There is always someone there for you.
Within your first semester at college, you'll undoubtedly have some sort of meltdown. The stress gets to everyone. What helps? Dozens of supportive, older girls that will help you through whatever is going on. While no one can feel what you truly feel, you can open the door to your sorority and find plenty of girls with a sympathetic ear, an empathetic heart, and a willingness to help.

2. You make new friends every day.
There is always a sister you haven't met popping in and out of the house. In the four years that I was in a sorority, I learned something new and deepened an existent relationship every. single. day.

3. You become a master of conversation.
Pledging is stressful. Period. But after four years of making small talk and carrying on conversations with people from all walks of life, you gain a confidence in yourself. Interviews become a breeze, meeting your boyfriend's parents is actually easy, and you'll feel comfortable fending for yourself when meeting new people.

4. You have a place to call your home away from home.
I went to school out of state. Way out of my state. Sure, you have your roommates or live in a shared house or apartment, but there's nothing like walking through a door and seeing people that love you ecstatic to see you. Your sisters can never replace your biological family, but a beautiful home and girls that truly care about you is an exceptional thing.
5. You contribute to your community.
Every sorority and fraternity have a charity that they work with. Say what you will about the parties, but each house on every campus raises money for deserving charities and often participate in events that directly benefits those in need.

6. The girls in charge are elected and do the best they can to make the right decision.

7. It's not all selfish, bratty, rich girls.
Every sorority at my school had scholarships, payment plans, and made exceptions. Plenty of girls went on financial leave but were still able to attend some events.

8. You have a place you feel safe.
Campuses aren't always the safest places at night, especially for women. Many sororities will allow any member to spend the night whenever and for whatever reason. Many have security guards. All have young women that care about their sisters and will go above and beyond to help whenever, wherever.

9. You have a mom away from mom.
You get at least one "big sis," and usually a dozen adopted ones. Speaking from personal experience: they will take you to the hospital, they will take you to the apple store when your computer crashes during finals, they will ask you to join them when they go out with their friends, they will help you with homework, bring you food when you're sick, and, most importantly, listen to you.

10. You learn so much about yourself.
Judging is a fact of life. No one is above it. One of my biggest regrets is that I made assumptions about girls in my house and I was totally wrong. I wasted years not making an effort to get to know girls I thought I wouldn't get along with.

11. So. Many. Clothes.
My house had over 60 "live-ins," which means 60 closets (not to mention the 250+ "live-outs.") Anything you need, it will be there.

12. You gain unbelievable connections when college is over (sigh) and need to find a job.
You'd be amazed at how many hiring managers were in sororities or how many of your sisters know people. It passes through to you, too. Older sisters helped me find jobs. I've helped plenty of girls find jobs or internships. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

13. Costume parties are really fun.
The pictures may look ridiculous and they way they're portrayed in the media isn't the norm. Sure, you can dress scantily if you want, but one of our events was "name that tune" and I dressed as the one and only Eminem. It's not trashed girls dancing on tables and making a scene. I also dressed as Skrillex once. Epic.

14. You turn into a social butterfly.
You will literally never have nothing to do. One of the big benefits of joining a sorority is the copious amounts of activities on and off-campus. There's mixers and parties, which are a great way to meet people, as well as tons of events with your sisters. The calendar is packed with activities like going to plays together, playing games like laser tag, and nature activities. Oh, and you'll always have company in the library during finals week.

15. Your sisters make you smarter.
Unlike the movies and media portrayal, sororities put a huge emphasis on your grades. Most sororities even have an elected position that monitors everyone's grades. If they start slipping or you're having a hard time keeping up, your sisters jump in to help. Even if you're a Bio major with a Chem Engineering minor, there's an older sister that's managed to pass and she's more than happy to help you!


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