Ashton Kutcher Gives His Mom A Big Surprise Before Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is still days away, but Ashton Kutcher had something huge in store for his mom before the holiday hits.

The Two and a Half Men star recently surprised his mother, Diane, and renovated her home in Iowa to celebrate Mother's Day. In a video for Houzz, Ashton said he helped build the house with his stepdad, Mark, from scratch about 23 years ago, and they decided to focus on the basement for the project.

"It's my way of saying thank you to my mom," he said in the clip. "My mom has been the greatest influence in my life-my parents gave me everything. They went to great sacrifices to give me the life that I have and anything I can do to say thank you is the right thing to do."

"So, if I can make this space special for my mom and make it a space that she wants to go spend time in and just really make it beautiful for her, that would be something I've always wanted to do," he continued.

For the project, Ashton partnered up with the online design site (which he's an investor in) and his stepdad to turn his dream into a reality. While they and an interior designer worked on the home, the actor not only got candid about the bond he has with his mom, but also his stepfather.

"The one thing that has eternally bonded my stepdad and I is that my stepdad loves my mom as much as I do," Ashton said. "When you're the oldest son, and your parents have gone through a divorce, you're always mistrustful of any other guy. But, Mark stepped in and was there for me in ways my dad couldn't be there for me. I'm one of those people in this world who's lucky enough to have two dads. I'm just a blessed person to have that much love in my life."

Once the project was finished, Ashton and his stepdad asked Diane to come down to the basement. "Oh my god, what on earth," she said tearfully, as she took a peek around her new fab basement in awe of all they had done.

What a lucky lady.

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