5 Ways to Ace Your Finals and Your Outfit

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We don't want to ruin your day, but the end of the semester is closing in on us like a bad case of Netflix-shame (because sometimes you just gotta watch five episodes of Gilmore Girls before writing that paper. It's OK. We do that, too), and it's time to start preparing your necessary wardrobe to get through study stress.

While your default reaction might be, "I'll just wear my pajamas to school," we would like to gently sway you away from this idea. Why? Because sporting your jammy-jams to class might just make you want to stay in nap mode versus being alert and dressed for the day. And trust us, nothing will be more satisfying than jumping into your pjs after a long day on campus.

Here are some comfy yet chic staples you'll want in heavy rotation for those epic cram sessions followed by hours of exam-taking. Just roll out of bed and go!

Comfy pants that don't scream 'yoga mom'

forever 21 tuxedo joggings
Above all else, you're going to need a REALLY comfy pair of pants/stretchy jeans that you can rock while acing that exam or, y'know, catching up on some zzz's after a library study session. These joggers ($20, Forever 21) are so versatile you'll never want to take them off (and you won't have to).

Easy & breezy

h&m casual dress

If you feel like gettin' a little fancy for finals, a loose-fitting, pullover dress will do just the trick. We love this one ($30, H&M) because not only is the fabric less likely to wrinkle on you during long days, it's easy to slip into. You could even sleep in it. Ain't nobody gonna judge you!

But just in case the classroom is as cold as the professor...

cute target cardigan

Treat yo'self to a really cute cardigan! Despite the impending heat blasts of summer, you'll want to keep a cardigan with you for those chilly classrooms. They're easy to carry in your bag, take on and off, and add a little pizazz to your outfits. This open cardi ($16, Target) is a perfect finals fashion addition.

Walk (or run) to class in style

puma flats in bixley glamm purple

Jazz up your finals week with a bright pair of ballet flats. Just make sure you buy a pair like these adorable ones ($50, Puma) that won't leave blisters on your feet (because we all know the struggle of rushing to class in uncomfortable shoes). Trust us, you don't want to be dealing with that during finals!

Romp all day

If you've reached that point where you're so tired that you can't match your tops to your jeggings, a romper/jumpsuit is just what the fashion doctor ordered. You'll want to choose pants instead of shorties like the one above ($90, Loft), so your legs stay as warm and toasty as that feeling you get when you slay the essay portion of an exam.


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