Here's How Twitter Is Cracking Down on Trolls

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If you've never had to deal with haters on Twitter, consider yourself lucky. If you haven't seen how truly awful people can be, go read the comments on pretty much anything Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber or basically any other celebrity posts.

Warning: If you do, make sure you have a heart-warming YouTube video ready to watch afterwards, because your 'faith in humanity' bank account will be completely drained.

Anyway, we're all tired of trolls, whether they're hatin' on us or we see them doing it to a celebrity, we hate it all. Turns out, so does Twitter, and now they're doing something about it.

We all know about the block and mute features, but if we block or mute someone, what's to stop them from harassing other people? That's where the social media site's new quality filter comes in.

According to Mashable, the quality filter is currently being rolled out to verified users and when it's set to active, those users will no longer see tweets that have been deemed an abuse of the service. So if someone is harassing people, spamming people - whatever abuse might be taking part in - the quality filter prevents the user on the other end of the "@" from ever even seeing the tweet.

One journalist tweeted out a screenshot of what it looks like...and we couldn't agree more with his caption.
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