Liam Payne Jokes About Replacing Zayn Malik in One Direction

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Liam Payne may have found a replacement for Zayn Malik. Let's just say Liam's recent joke about finding a new fifth member of One Direction didn't go over so well with some fans, however.

Liam's been known to have a laugh (remember when he covered Zayn's face in this pic...and then Zayn left the band shortly thereafter?), but it seems his brand of humor isn't always on the same page as Directioners.

File this one under, "Too soon, Liam," since some 1D fans found Liam's Instagram video of a guy singing pretty badly, captioned "New fifth member? I think so," to be in poor taste.

When someone complained on Twitter, writing: "liam's new ig update isnt funny. dont joke around like that. psh," Liam was quick to defend it was just a joke, tweeting: "‪@PoleengRiveeraa‪ I think it is ;) gotta find the humour in every situation luv otherwise you will always be sad"

Life lessons from Liam.

New fifth member? I think so

A video posted by Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) on

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