Watch This Guy Rap His Entire McDonald's Order

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When we first heard about a viral video of a guy rapping a McDonald's order, we defaulted to the obvious "A Mickedy-Mick-Mick-Big Mac" and since that all sounded pretty lame even in our own heads, we figured the video wouldn't have much to offer. We were wrong!

Model Pranksters' Coby Persin enlisted the help of his friend, rapper Hi-Rez and they went into a NYC McDonald's and placed what is perhaps the coolest Mickey-D's order ever.

"Can I get two Big Macs...two apple pies," he begins, and the guy at the register enters them in, having no idea he's about to get pranked. "Nah, actually," Hi-Rez says, pretending to be rethinking the original order. And then he busts out the rap. Even though we already knew about the two Big Macs and apple pies, we were still basically lost after that.

The guy at the register appeared to be entering in whatever he could of the mile-a-minute order, but at the end, when Hi-Rez asks how much he got, the woman next to him looks and says that he didn't get one thing. Don't feel bad, buddy, we were just as confused even after we replayed it twice!

The good news is that after it was all over, it looks like Hi-Rez at least got part of his order.

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