Former Olympian Pulls Daughter's Tooth by Tossing Javelin

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Remember how people used to tie a string around a loose tooth and attach to a doorknob before slamming it to get rid of stubborn baby teeth? That's nothing compared to the way former Olympian Bryan Clay managed to pull his daughter Ellie's tooth.

The 2008 Summer Olympic decathlon champion is now retired, but put his athletic prowess to good use in a crazy video he shared on Twitter. "What you use javelins for when you're retired," he captioned the video, where he hurls a javelin with a string tied to his daughter's loose tooth. "Say goodbye to the tooth!" he tells Ellie before throwing the javelin. "Bye!" she replies. Spoiler alert: it worked!

Ellie proudly shows off a bloody gap where the baby tooth used to be. And for anyone wondering what happened to her tooth that flew along with the javelin, Dad says he kept it safe for the tooth fairy.
"Don't worry, the tooth is safely under her pillow!" he Tweeted.

The tooth fairy better bring some big bucks for his brave daughter!

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