Fashion's Future: Unstainable Shirts, Moving Fabrics and More

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If planning your next outfit is what you look forward to all day, just imagine how cool your ensembles will be in 30 years. From shape-shifting fabric to spill-repelling style, you've got one seriously awesome wardrobe in the works. Here's what you can expect from fashion's future.

Shirts will not stain

Young woman eating strawberry and spilling juice on t-shirt Clothing label Elizabeth & Clarke is pioneering a future of klutz-friendly couture with a white button-down shirt that's pretty much spill-proof. The shirt uses nanotechnology to evaporate oil and water-based liquids (like sweat) before they hit the fabric, according to The Daily Mail. Elizabeth & Clarke launched its design on Kickstarter, and it received so much support that plans are in the works for more colors - even petite and plus-size variations!

Your midi skirt will shift into a mini skirt (and back again) in mere seconds

If you've got no problem handling an open coffee, maybe this next futuristic fashion is more your speed. Ever pull on a blouse and then, halfway through the day, wish it was another? Magnetic Fabrics plans to design an app-controlled textile that switches form on command, according to Fast Company. Still in the test phase, the prototype is constructed out of magnetic materials that respond to pulls like an iron powder, creating a fabric that's as sporadic as your style preferences.

Sell/donate your clothes without ever leaving your house

woman's hand entering data...On May 2, Uber teamed up with Salvation Army and Goodwill to help you do a little spring cleaning (without having to haul your hand-me-downs to drop-off sites). Alas, that partnership came and went in 24 hours, but a handful of consignment shops (and maybe more in the future) offer door-to-door delivery and pickups. TreadUP offers free shipping. All you have to do is throw your unwanted clothing into a bag and leave it on your doorstep. Like Zappos, Poshmark and Twice send you pre-addressed, pre-paid shipping labels (no printer required!), so you can schedule a USPS pickup. If three ecommerce sites denotes a trend, it's safe to say you can be a coach potato and a fashionista simultaneously in the future.

A size 6 will remain a size 6, no matter which retailer you shop

Body Labs scanning technologyOne more Zenon-worthy closet addition we can't wait to get our hands on is the 3-D body scan from Body Labs. The company scans real people and deduces their measurements to help fashion designers better size clothing - and that means no more shopping for a size 6 that fits more like a size 2! While buying your own eight-camera 3-D scanning model will set you back $30,000, Body Labs is developing software for smartphones, tablets and laptops that will let you use your device's camera to photograph your body. Then, you'll upload your data to an online portal to create a 3-D digital doppelgänger. Multiple scans over time can help you see how your body changes, enlightening you on everything from your clothing fit to where you can focus your exercises.

With all these fascinating fashion updates in our future, it'll be tough on our wardrobes to wait it out. In the meantime, we'll just have to settle for predicting what we'll wear tomorrow!


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