7 People You'll Meet Your Freshman Year of College

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You may think you'll get your fill on learning in a college classroom, but it's often what happens outside of your educational curriculum at school that teaches you the most. One of the best parts of attending college is getting to meet a whole slew of new people - people who you aren't connected to simply by location or the fact that you've had nearly every class together since first grade. Attending college means meeting a whole bunch of people, some of whom you'll find you have a ton in common with despite your different backgrounds - and others, not so much. No matter what college you attend, there are certain people that seem to show up in every freshman class, for better or for worse. Here are the college freshman "types" that you'll probably run into at some point during your first year away at school.

1. The Person Who Thinks This Is Animal House

It doesn't matter if this guy or girl is actually associated with Greek life or not, because this person is ready to party at whatever house will let them through the door. Tell them you can't go out because you have to wake up early for an 8 a.m. exam and they'll probably stare at you blankly, but that doesn't make this person all bad news - sometimes you really need someone to shake you out of a rut and take you to a '90s costume party.

2. The Person Who Doesn't Really Want to Be Here

There's always the person who seems over college before it even begins, which probably infuriates
Type #1 to no end. Whether they're still bumming over getting rejected from their dream school or are seriously homesick, they might just need a friendly ear to listen to them vent. Just don't let this person ruin your own experience with their negative attitude.
3. The Person Who Is Already So on Top of Everything

You've barely bought your books for all of your classes while this girl is already making posters to run for president of the freshman class. She has an internship at Google, is pledging a top sorority, and is genuinely chummy with her professors. She may seem like she has superpowers, but in reality, she's probably working 3x as hard as everyone else is - let her motivate you.

4. The Person Who Is Never Not on Skype

Maybe they have a significant other back home, or maybe they just can't go throughout the day without having some quality face time with their Yorkie. The phase will hopefully pass by second semester when they realize that there are plenty of people to talk at college that you don't need WiFi to hang with.

5. The Person Who Knows Everyone

You have no idea how this person met all of these people, but this girl is connected to absolutely everyone on campus, breezing in and out of social circles with the greatest of ease. Maybe they have an older sibling who also attended the school, or maybe they're just really, really good at small talk, but this person is your in for basically anyone you want to know on campus.

6. The Person Who Never Sleeps

You wake up to use the bathroom at 3 a.m. and they're still in the hallway with their chem textbook in their lap - for the fourth time this week. Be kind and toss them a midnight snack when you can
7. The Person Who Doesn't Even Go Here

They're not in your dorm, they're not in your classes, and yet they show up at every party and football tailgate you attend. They're a friend of a friend who goes to a "way less fun" college a few towns over, or they're an alumni who just can't let go (think Matthew McConaughey's David Wooderson in Dazed and Confused). They probably know more about your school than you do - and may prove to be a valuable resource in a pinch.

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