Star Trek-Style Machine Makes Meals in Less Than a Minute

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We've all used machines with coffee pods, which is obviously a cool, more modern take on the regular old coffee machine, but the Genie takes that idea a step further.

Similar to the coffee machines, you put a pod in the Genie and in 30 seconds, presto! an entire meal. And we're not talking about ramen or your typical microwave meals (although it can make ramen if you want it to). The Genie can make pretty much anything you want and it looks really, really good!

"We're using only natural ingredients, we're not using any preservatives or anything that people add to their meals," one of the developers explains in the video. "The dish can be anything, it can be a meal like chicken with rice, like couscous with vegetable or an amazing Ramen or even a chocolate soufflé or any other desert that you want."

And it's super simple to use. You just take the recyclable container (which contains the all-natural freeze-dried ingredients for your meal) put it in, push the button on the accompanying mobile app and keep yourself busy for 30 seconds. Then, you're ready to eat!

The Genie doesn't go on sale until next year, but you can pre-order one on the company's website.
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