9 Reasons Mothers Were Our First Style Icons

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It's hard to imagine, but your mom's style game was strong once. You may have been too young to remember, but it was. This Mother's Day, recognize the woman who birthed you as the fashion maven that she truly is. If you need help, we've mapped out a few reasons. #YoureWelcome

She took you shopping for your first prom dress and had endless amounts of patience while you sorted through rack after rack looking for the dress that would become "the one." 

Going through her closet was the ultimate game of dress-up. Compared with your costume box filled with sparkly tutus and Halloween costumes from years past, Mom's wardrobe was a fashion goldmine of clothes you couldn't wait to wear when you were finally old enough.

She never judged you for that one trend you HAD to wear. Whether it was furry boots, that velour sweatsuit or a certain moose logo across the front of your shirt, Mom has seen it all when it comes to all the ridiculous fashion trends and phases. 

She also told you (gently!) when your outfits weren't so on-point. Because we all know that middle school was the highlight of nobody's fashion career, and Mom was there to guide you through it all. 

She taught you the right way to apply makeup. Before we discovered Michelle Phan, there was Mom's medicine cabinet, and chances are, you spent years using the exact same makeup, products and brands she showed you. 

Mom taught you that amazing style starts with loving the body you dress. Curvy, boyish or athletic  no matter your body shape — your mother taught you that the No. 1 key to being super chic is loving the body shape you inherited and treating it with respect. 

She was totally OK with you doing that one crazy thing to your hair. We've all had our moments of hair experimentation. Whether it was bleach blond highlights or the dip-dye trend, our moms lovingly supported us through an array of major hair decisions. 

The fab hand-me-downs. Remember when we said we couldn't wait to get old enough to wear our moms' closets? We finally did, and the super chic pieces she let us steal from her closet have been killer

She introduced you to the magic that was the mall. Before we were running around the mall with friends, we were getting starry-eyed over the opportunity to go shopping with Mom. (And get her dressing room advice on new outfits!) 


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