New Alarm Clock App Requires You to Snap a Selfie to Turn It Off

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Kim Kardashian will never, ever sleep through her alarm again!

Snap Me Up is a new alarm clock app that requires you to show it that you #WokeUpLikeThis so it knows that you actually did wake up. Then, it will leave you alone.

We're not sure if this idea is brilliant, mortifying or a little bit of both. The Android app saves your pictures in the "My Sleepy Snaps" gallery and yes, there are some days that we got a great night sleep and we roll out of bed like...

But what about those other days where we stayed up too late (studying, of course) and...well, let's just say we don't want a photographic reminder of what that all looked like at 6 am.

There are other cool features, though, like a timer so you can take a quick power nap and an option to wake up to a different image from your gallery every day, which again, could be a fun way to wake up or send you into full-on panic mode, depending on which pic it picks. Either way, you're up!
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