New Study Finds That Almost Half of All Tinder Users Are Not Even Single

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If you were hoping to find the love of your life on Tinder, we've got some disappointing news for you.

According to a new study by Global Web Index, 42% of Tinder users are already spoken for. The worst part is that only 12% are "in a relationship" and the other 30% are MARRIED! So, you might be swiping right on someone's husband or wife! Not your fault, because you're single and just tryin' to mingle, but be careful out there, girl!

Of course, we can hardly blame Tinder. If these people out there lying on there, what's to say they aren't on other online dating sites, too?

Also, Tinder takes issue with the study's results. "The results of this tiny, 681-person study in the UK is a totally inaccurate depiction of Tinder's userbase - this firm is making guesses without having any access to real data on our millions of users worldwide," a spokesperson said.

"Here are the facts: The single largest age group on Tinder, making up more than half of our entire userbase, is 18-24, and 93% of them have never been married according to the UK's Office of National Statistics. Without revealing any data about our users, simple logic should reveal that it's essentially impossible for any of these claims to be accurate. Their methodology seems severely and fundamentally flawed."

For their part, Global Web Index stands by their survey.
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