Mama Knows Best When It Comes to Beauty

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I'm from the deep South, y'all. While I currently live in California, some of my southern mannerisms and ideals followed me to the West Coast. That means I sometimes pronounce words a little funny. It also means my skin looks as radiant as Miss Alabama's, thanks to my mom and grandma's (aka Grandma Clink Clink) beauty rituals.

The women on my mom's side are known for having really youthful, delicate skin because each generation continues to stick to pretty rigorous beauty routine. In spirit of Mother's Day, I thought I'd share these pearls of wisdom. But I'll admit to you gals now: Some of these beauty secrets are weird, smelly and perhaps best left in the past. But no pain (or funky odor), no gain, right?

Wash your face with freezing cold water in the morning as it closes your pores and gives you that dewy glow. Grandma Clink Clink swears that she's been doing this since her teens when wash basins were still a thing.

Alternately, wash your face with warm water at night to open and cleanse your pores with a glycerin-based Neutrogena bar soap before bed. My grandma and mom have been using this bar for decades (they swear a doctor told them it would help to prevent skin cancer).


Remember the dad's obsession with Windex as a cure-all in My Big Fat Greek Wedding? That's how my family is with white vinegar. My mom says that vinegar plus water as a shampoo gets rid of built up oils and product residue. "But store it in the fridge!" says mom. Now, about the smell...


Grandma Clink Clink says the secret to youthful skin can be found at the bottom of a Nivea cream tub, but you MUST break two Vitamin E capsules into it for best results.


To help maintain a clear complexion, drink TONS of water, and stay away from "Cokes" (or as you northerners call it, "soda pop").


When life gives you lemons, put them in your hair. The sun will reward you with highlights. Also, put them on your face; it helps dry up acne.



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