Nine '90s Fashion Trends We Need Back, Like Right Now

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Ever since Hard Candy made our '90s nail polish dreams come true, we've been feeling pretty nostalgic for the good ol' days of scrunchies and printed Keds. It's almost as if the universe has been listening to our calls (that we undoubtedly made on our Zack Morris cell phones). First, we had the resurgence of chokers, and now, the Tomagotchi is making a comeback. 

The real question is, when will floppy disks and mix tapes make their triumphant returns? We're still waiting. Until then, here are some totally tubular fashions we hope will make their way back into rotation.

Behold the power of the scrunchie. Great in your hair, on your wrist or to ruche your baggy t-shirt. 


Slap bracelets. They're versatile and colorful. We want to believe that whoever came up with the term "pain is beauty," also had something to do with the invention of these fabulous little wrist-stingers.

Doc Martens paired with baby-doll dresses. Simple and equal parts girly meets tomboy.


Parachute pants. Because they're comfy like yoga pants but don't show a panty line.

Rave-inspired clothing. It was inspired by love, dancing, rainbows and cheap bracelets — and we're ready to see some of that free spirit return (but y'know, minus all the ecstasy).

On the other side of the raver spectrum is the darker, witchy babe look from The Craft. We'd love to see more baggy leather jackets and flowing skirts.

We love a good pair of skinny jeans, but we'd like to see the return of roomier denims. Bonus points for GUESS jeans.

Mood rings. Do they work? Nah. Are they cute anyway? Uh, yes.

Baby-G watches. Before there were Apple watches, these were all the rage. The Spice Girls would approve.



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