Naughty Boy Slams Louis Tomlinson in New Interview: Check Out Louis' Response

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If you thought the Naughty Boy and Louis Tomlinson feud (don't forget Zayn Malik taking a dig too...ouch) was going to fade away soon, think again. In a new interview with The Sun, Naughty Boy explained what was up with all that trash talk and where he's coming from. And, of course, Louis had something to say about it.

So what's got Louis channeling his sassy side again? Basically, Naughty Boy claims that Louis isn't supporting Zayn, telling The Sun: "Louis needs to shut his mouth. He is just a child. He's messing with a sleeping lion and you shouldn't have woken up a sleeping lion as you are only going to regret it." sounds like this feud is far from over, right? Sleeping lion woken up and all?

Naughty Boy had a lot of opinions about the situation and pulled no punches, explaining, "It's not fair for the fandom to go for us because we haven't done anything. I'm not prepared to be the brunt of everything as everyone needs to wait for the real story to come out and then they will realize."

Back up. Real story? Oh boy, is this guy teasing something or what?

NB then further insulted Louis, saying, "I don't know Louis so I can only base my judgement on what he says and he is acting like a 12-year-old. Louis should be supporting Zayn. I've been the one looking after Zayn since he left One Direction.

He added, "He should actually be reaching out to Zayn and maintaining that relationship. It's all about loyalty and what they had in that band was a group of loyalty. I think Zayn has shown that he is still loyal to them as he said that was the best five years of his life and he thanked them when he won an award at the Asian Awards recently."

Of course, the dissing continued, as Naughty Boy explained, "I hope he's not jealous - he should be more worried about autotune running out in the near future because then he'll be alright."

And it didn't end there, as Naughty Boy was sure to get some of his success stories in there, explaining, "Everyone needs a scapegoat but I'm not that scapegoat. You have heard my new single, you have heard what I've done with Emeli and Sam Smith."

Futher, he explained, "I don't have to justify anything - I'm in this before and after One Direction. I'm pretty sure this will all blow over and I think people like Louis should allow that to happen rather than keep stocking the fire."

He still had one last note for Louis: "My message to Louis is just let it be and respect the guys decision. This isn't a playground and I'm not going to allow anyone to undermine me or Zayn. Time will tell the best story, trust me."

Ugh. As you'd expect, the fandom was pretty pisssed off with Naughty Boy's interview.

As for Louis, he was quick with a quippy comeback – a little shade for Naughty Boy that said pretty brilliantly what he was thinking: "Roar hahahaha !"

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