Someone Is Selling Their Facebook Username and Password on eBay

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As if you don't already have enough usernames and passwords to remember, this guy is currently offering you one more to add to your list - the credentials for his Facebook account.

Brooklyn-based artist Nick Hugh Schmidt is selling his Facebook username and password to the highest bidder on eBay. The auction, simply titled "My FB Password" had 34 bids at the time of publishing and was already up to $165.

The winning bidder will receive a piece of paper with the username and password written on it, and the shipping fee for that piece of paper is an extra $5.95 that will be added to the price of the "item."

Why would you want someone else's Facebook password, though? So you have a second page to do this on?

Nick is hoping you'll do more than just that, though. "It's more of a social experiment to kind of hold the mirror up to the subject and kind of put the spotlight on them...and see what they do with it," he told Newsy. "Will it kind of confirm our greatest fears or restore our faith in humanity?"

Wow, who knew a simple Facebook page could have so much power? Now we're kind of curious to see who buys it and what they do with it.
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