What Happens When a "Homeless" Man Tries to Give People Money?

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What would you do if a homeless person flipped the script and tried to give YOU money? Most of us would kindly thank them, feel guilty about not making the offer first and be touched by their generosity. Many of the people in this video, however, had a very different reaction.

In this shocking viral video, fouseyTUBE's Yousef Saleh Erakat poses as a homeless person on the streets of Los Angeles and offers money to pedestrians passing by.

Sadly, some people actually got mad at him and for some reason and almost seemed defensive, having to brag about just how much they DIDN'T need the money. But, it wasn't actually about the money at all.

"The results were not expected and not wanted," Yousef wrote in the video description. "It doesn't matter how much you have in life if what you have in life takes away from you being humble. At the end of the day, even the most poor man can be the most rich depending on how much love he has in his heart."
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