13 Insanely Clever Ways to Store Your Makeup

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If you're just getting around to spring cleaning, you might be sighing at the prospect of decluttering all your makeup and beauty products. We've got your back with these creative (and affordable!) ways to not only get your products organized, but look really cute in the process.

Dig out a cake platter from your grandma's epic stash (they all have them; trust us) and use it to display your perfumes. Don't blame us if it makes you crave cake, though.


Coffee beans + a glass = snazzy brush keeper


Put some cups in a wine rack, and you have an instant storage solution for brushes, pencils and lipsticks.


Magazine holders make great homes for your hot tools. 


Easy nail polish display: Take an old picture frame and hammer some simple shelves to the back.


Ice trays aren't just for your freezer: Use them to store and organize your eyeshadows. 


C is for cookie...or Chanel nail polish? Skip the calories and store bright shades in your cookie jar, instead!

The Gloss

A simple magnetic strip can save your bobby pins from a life of being lost on the floor, in your purse, between couch cushions, Narnia...


Dollar Store glass jars paired with a Sharpie or two makes a really cute way to store toiletries.

A few mason jars and a wooden panel = a stylish (and practical) way to store cotton balls and makeup sponges.

Amazing Interior Designs

You know the thing you put forks and spoons in? You can also put makeup tools in there. Boom.


Over-the-door shoe racks make great little cubbies to store nail polishes and glosses.


Spice rack, or hair product storage solution? You tell us.



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