How Women's Swimsuit Styles Have Changed Throughout History

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There have definitely been a lot of changes in swimsuit trends in our lifetime - in fact, it feels like pretty much every summer, the trend has changed and our favorite bikini is SO last year.

In this new BuzzFeed video, though, we see how swimsuit styles have changed throughout history and the changes are a lot more drastic than the simple addition or subtraction of bling or fringe that define the trends we've seen from one season to the next.

Who knew that swimsuits were once made out of wool? Because nothing makes you feel sexier than smelling like a wet dog when you get out of the pool...

Another interesting fact we learned: Bikinis were introduced in 1946 and their popularity was given a huge boost by the wartime fabric conservation efforts.

Our favorite by far is the swimsuit from the 1950s, which celebrated the female's hourglass figure and even featured designs that emphasized a woman's curves.

This video definitely gives us a lot to think about the next time we put on our swimsuit! And we're eternally grateful for the fact that no matter which color, cut or style we choose, it's made of breathable fabric and not wool.
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