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Zayn and Louis's Split Gives Us All the Feels

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One more day, one more 1D drama.

I probably shouldn't be writing this so soon after it happened because my emotions are running high, but if I don't write it now, I'll probably explode.

It didn't take long after Zayn Malik's departure from One Direction for Naughty Boy to start attacking Louis Tomlinson. And Louis doesn't have a filter. He speaks his mind, even on social media; we know that. So, no one was surprised when Louis fired back. The 1D fandom even stood behind him.

But the real surprise (and reason why I'm writing) is when Zayn fired back. At Louis.

Early on May 7, Naughty Boy posted a Twitpic of Zayn and him, that was a slightly... um, off filter.
Louis innocently picked on it. This caused Naughty Boy to fight back, as we all knew he would, because maybe he doesn't have a filter, either. He doesn't seem to have anything else to do but slam the boy band that built his best friend's career. (This tweet was later deleted.) But then, what none of us thought would happen, happened. Zayn fought back against the side we always thought he would stay on: One Direction's. Since Zayn's departure on March 25, the One Direction fandom has speculated the story behind it. The truth is, we will never know the whole, well, truth behind it. We may never know the whole truth behind this latest ordeal, either. We all thought Zayn and Louis were best friends.

And that's where this hits me hardest.

Louis has always been my support system. His support of Zayn has always uplifted me. Zayn was the shy, quiet one of the group, and Louis showed him how to live, just like he's shown me how to thrive. He showed him how to have fun with music, how to smile despite his unhappiness, how to really love and be loved. Louis was the one to show Zayn how to open up, and he was the first one to listen whenever he really did. Now Louis is forced to pay attention to Zayn's Twitter comment (though, come on, is he going to, really?).

I've been having problems with a friendship of my own, but knowing that Zayn and Louis could hold theirs together regardless, I thought I could hold onto mine. Louis taught me how to hold onto life, and Zayn taught me to hold onto my strength and happiness. Now, I just want to show them how to hold onto each other.

I'm devastated because they're sure to be devastated. See, I told you this was going to be emotional and disgusting (I did say disgusting, didn't I?). I don't even remember what I was trying to get out.

I just...sigh.

I just want Louis to know that I'm alive because of him, and Zayn to know that I'm strong because of him. I want Louis to know that he can be strong and hold on and Zayn to know that he doesn't have to live two separate lives. I want them to be best friends and to be happy.

I support both of them in this because we really don't know all that's going on, and I support One Direction always.
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