Naughty Boy on Zayn Malik Leaving 1D: "One Day People Will Know Everything"

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Well, the Louis Tomlinson and Naughty Boy/Zayn Malik drama hasn't settled down just yet, as Naughty Boy had a mouthful to say about it during a recent TV appearance. The best part is that one of Louis' BFFs was also on the show and gave NB a little push back about why he needs to stir the pot so much.

Naughty Boy and footballer Jimmy Bullard got into it on ITV2's Celebrity Juice...and it got "juicy," to say the least, as Jimmy decided to give Louis a call to get his opinion on the whole situation.

Naughty Boy first explained, "Talking about it is obviously not my problem, the problem is that something doesn't deserve the attention, someone like Louis is not in my radar of anything...Zayn left for his own personal reasons and one day people will know everything, right now's not the time."

Sounds like he's holding some info close to the chest. But then, we're not surprised he would tease something like that without revealing exactly what he knows.

Naughty Boy also said that dealing with One Direction fans is a challenge, explaining, "It's relentless, if this was a playground I'd be like the weird nerd guy..." Jimmy interjected: "You don't need a playground, you look like a weird nerd right now." Burn.

Naughty Boy went on to explain that since the fans are young, "you can't really say anything back, so if you say something back to a little girl it's like bullying, so I don't say anything."

Naughty Boy also said Zayn is "one of my best friends," which was all Jimmy needed to say, "And guess who my friend is? Louis...I'm going to call him."

That would have made for some TV magic/drama, wouldn't it? Turns out, Louis was asleep, but he tweeted later:

Jimmy revealed that Louis doesn't like Naughty Boy (no surprise there), with NB explaining: "I don't know the guy, he doesn't know me, it's just the music business, we're not saving lives, come on, let's just get real. I've got no problem with him, I've got no problem with anyone really. It's just banter."

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