One Direction Fans' 'No Control' Campaign Takes Off In a Huge Way

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The power of the One Direction fandom never fails to amaze us. The latest brain child is the 'No Control' project, which started as a seed of an idea to campaign for the band to release "No Control" as a single.

With the help of the hashtag #WeWantNoControlAsASingle on Twitter, word quickly spread to get the Four album track released. Additionally, fans planned #nocontrolday to take place on May 17.

So, how is the campaign doing? Nick Grimshaw and Radio 1, for one, took notice, playing the song on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show. Fans also got to work creating artwork for the single, which has been pretty amazing.

It also got Louis Tomlinson's attention, who tweeted: "This is soooo incredible guys ! Another example of how good you are to us !!"

A superfan named Anna kicked things off, writing on Tumblr: "Since the team who works with the boys is not helping and everything surrounding this band is making me crazy and tired, it'd be nice if for once we made the press talk about something as good as fans doing something for them on a world scale."

She added: "We all agree that No Control should have been a single from Four, we all love the song and we all wanted to hear it on the radio...It doesn't matter there were other songs worth to be a single in the album, this is something the fandom loves and that has always generated a big enthusiasm."

Anna told Newsbeat, "With all the problems they're going through with one member leaving, we're all quite sad and this two month break in the middle of the tour." She added, "I was just trying to make the fandom focus on the music rather than the dramas, because the whole thing was really bad and we didn't like it."
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