Silicon Valley Fashion Week? Show Us Your Drones

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Silicon Valley is the home of some of the world's largest tech companies. The best and the brightest live, work and play in this part of the country in the same way that Hollywood attracts aspiring actors. The Valley has also inspired one of our favorite shows on HBO. We think of a lot of things (computer nerd power represent!) when we think of SV, but is one of those things fashion? Not yet, but this week, everything will change.

The folks over at Betabrand in San Francisco decided to make the "World's Highest Technology Fashion Show," teaming up with global and local engineers and designers to create a three-day interactive fashion show (and yes, the question mark is intentional; see what they did there?) at a music venue, The Chapel, in San Francisco. Each day has a different theme: Tuesday (May 12) was Electric Motion (and had a little controversy), Wednesday was Wearable Tech and today, Thursday, is Crowdfunded Fashion.

What does this all mean for the style world? We're waiting to see if these frocks will go from catwalk to closet, but it looks like models may be on the dole soon as drones walked flew down the runway.
silicon valley fashion week drone on the runwayWe could talk about drones replacing Cara Delevingne all day, but since this is a #BUILTBYGIRLS website, let's salute some seriously cool female designers. They're the ones to watch (although Cara may want to watch her back for drone attacks).

Mikaela Holmes

Mikaela Holmes fiberoptic fashionTaking her inspiration from her experiences at Burning Man, Holmes designs her pieces by "fusing couture design with wearable tech, (especially lighting) and mimicking natural forms with synthetic materials." Her mission statement is all about adorning ourselves: "What we wear can transform us and allow us to become the creatures of our imaginations." Preach!

Tenaya Hurstrogue-making wearables

Hurst is the power behind Rogue Making, a company/store devoted to wearable tech jewelry and sewing kits. When she's not teaching Maker Space to kids and adults alike, she works full time as the head of the education department at Linino. Whew!

Miss T
miss t side show
Considering the fact that SVFW has been promoting the week as a really, really fun circus sideshow (on the website: "the wackiest show in town"), it was a great call to have Miss T as a participant. Born in the Netherlands, Miss T is an experimental filmmaker and "side show" artist.

Jennifer Mann

Based out of San Francisco, Jennifer Mann has her hand in multiple tech projects, but she's primarily known for making LED space helmets. Yes. You heard us. LED space helmets. We want one, too.


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