These High Tech High School Yearbooks Are Crazy Cool

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Students at Xavier College Preparatory got a special surprise with their yearbooks this year. The school's yearbook staff utilized a software program called Aurasma to embed video in the pages. The pages themselves don't play the videos, obviously, because that would get crazy expensive, but your phone will play them when you hover it over specific images.

"We thought it would be really cool...and a really cool way to show that there's much more to Xavier than just pictures," the school yearbook's Chief Layout Editor explains.

All students have to do is download the free Aurasma app, look for the pages with the special icon indicating a multimedia element, hold their phone over the page and voila! they're watching video from that event.

It's kind of a new spin on the digital yearbook that gives you the best of both worlds. You don't have to sacrifice having the actual hard copy of the book where you can cross out teacher's faces and your friends can write "have a great summer, stay cool" in, but you still get the digital/multimedia component.

Xavier isn't the first school to make a high tech yearbook, but we're hoping this becomes the new norm because...well, it makes the standard yearbook seem kinda boring.
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