Transportation You Can Wear: Rocket Skates

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We've all been there. Class starts in one minute and you have a 10-minute walk across campus to get there. You could grab your bike, if you happened to bring it with you, but then you have to lock it up when you get there and you lose pretty much all the time you gained.

That's where Rocket Skates come in. You slap them on over whatever shoes you're already wearing (unless you're wearing heels, that might not work out well) and you're on your way. When you get to class, you can just carry them in with you or put them in your backpack if you don't feel like fielding questions about the cool contraptions you're carrying.

It's kind of like rollerblading, but you don't have to break a sweat and you still have shoes to wear when you get where you're going.

They can go up to 12 mph, which is much faster than we could ever run, and they're crazy cool. They also pair up with a free app that routes all of your Rocket Skating adventures, gives you your battery status and allows you to keep in touch with other Rocket Skaters.

A pair of Rocket Skates ranges in price from $499 for the R6 model to $699 for the R10 model.

How it's done!

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