High School's Dress Code Shaming Tactic Leaves Students Upset

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There have been a number of school dress code stories in the news lately, but this New Jersey school's shaming tactics used to enforce their rules has left us seriously shaking our heads.

Warren County Technical School called out students to humiliate them in front of their peers to prove their point about what's considered appropriate clothing. While their dress code includes no open toed shoes, pajamas or slippers, the guidelines don't specify other guidelines.

Female students were broken into three groups, according to LehighValleyLive.com: those dressed appropriately, those wearing "questionable" clothing, and those who were wearing "inappropriate" clothes (including leggings and shorts).

The school claimed that the exercise helped with "real-world training," but left students angry for basically being humiliated in front of other students.

Chief School Administrator Robert Glowacky told LehighValleyLive.com: "You're always going to have people discontented and objecting to being told what to do. We're a career academy. If you want us to train your child for a career, this is part of it."

One parent, whose daughter was put in the "questionable" group, explained, "The school should have handled the situation in a more professional manner without insulting or discriminating against these girls.

This definitely could have been handled better, don't you think?

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