If Social Media Sites Were Real People, Which One Would You Want to Hang Out With?

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We all have a favorite social media site and we all have things we can't stand about pretty much every other one.

In this hilarious video from YouTube vlogger Emma Blackery, we see what social media sites would be like IRL. More specifically, the video gives you a hypothetical look at what a date with each site would look like and it's perfect!

Obviously, dinner with Instagram involves a staring contest with the food, while SnapChat doesn't have time for that. Facebook just really, really, REALLY wants to see if you have any friends in common and Twitter doesn't care who you know or don't know, they just want you to follow them.

Too bad Reddit didn't make it into the video. That's kinda social media, right? We don't know what Emma's Reddit would look like, but maybe it wouldn't even need to date anybody? It would just be totally content all by itself, like...


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