So Scary! Bride Nearly Drowns During 'Trash the Dress' Stunt

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Love it or hate it, 'Trash the Dress' is a thing now. If you're not familiar with the idea, it's exactly what it sounds like. After brides walk down the aisle, they take the gorgeous gown that they (or their parents!) scrimped and saved for and they paint it, burn it, rip it, or otherwise destroy it.

It's usually for the sake of a photoshoot and while the pics are sometimes kinda cool, but we do die a little inside every time we see them.

In this case, the bride decided she was going to trash her dress by jumping off of a boat into the water while she was wearing it. Even before this idea was executed, her friends were a little worried. Want me to jump in after you?" her friend asks, explaining to someone that she's doing it "so she doesn't sink."

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened when the bride hit the water. It went about as wrong as it possibly could have, as the gown came up over her head and the weight of the wet fabric held her underwater.

The good news is that her friends were able to jump in and eventually were able to free her from the scary situation.

"I felt the weight of the dress on me. I heard screaming and people jumping into the water so then I was like, okay, maybe I just got married and I'm going to die today," she told Inside Edition.

Still, this YOLO bride has no regrets...

"I don't regret it," she explained. "Even when I got pulled out of the water, I was upset for a second, they pulled my wedding dress off me and I jumped in the water in my bathing suit and went and played with my friends and family just like I had planned to do...I have no regrets in life whatsoever."

We're just glad she's OK.
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