This Baby Absolutely Can't Stand Avocado and It's Adorable

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Well, this is one person who won't be opening their wallet for the "guac is extra" situation at Chipotle. Actually, maybe in her lifetime, it will just come with every meal. Hey, everyone has hopes and dreams for the future, don't judge ours.

Anyway, this kid's tastebuds do not want to hitch a ride on the avocado train and her reaction when her parents try to feed it to her is absolutely adorable.

"We decided to introduce avocados, don't think she's a fan," her parents wrote in the video caption. This surprisingly isn't the first time we've heard of babies not liking avocado, even though we think that should be an innate thing that babies are just born loving it, because they will eventually, so why not start early?

In fact, we're not mad at this baby or any of the other babies who have rejected avocados, but we ARE mad at ourselves because we probably did the same exact thing and if we could go back in time, we'd take every spoonful of avocado that was shoved in our face. Then again, maybe us and all of the other babies out there are just genius strategists and are trying to get their parents to stop messing around and give 'em some guac. That would make more sense.

Of course, we can't go back in time and change our regretful avocado rejection, but we're trying to make up for it now. Seriously, no matter what our budget looks like for the week, when we go to Chipotle and they say "guac is extra," we're like...

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