Woman Creates 'Tinder Games,' Tries to Get Guys to Send Her Pizza

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This is a literal version of The Hunger Games, that one Chicago girl and her friends decided to play on Tinder.

While everyone is swiping right looking for love hookups, this girls and her pals were looking for a hookup of a different kind - in the form of cheesy deliciousness, which, in their defense, is infinitely better than an awkward first date.
50% of marriages end in divorce.  100% of pizza deliveries end in happiness.  Love: 0 Pizza: 1
The inventor of the game, Lara (she declined to give her last name) told Chicagoist that she and her roommates came up with the idea during a "wine night." The goal was to see who could get a pizza sent to them first and surprisingly, it wasn't that hard.

They would have the guys send the pizzas to a local Starbucks and then that got old, so they would give the guy a fake address and call the pizza place later to change it to their address.

"We weren't thinking much of it because we wanted to have fun," she told the site. But, when the game went viral, some people got mad accused her of using men for free food. Lara eventually deleted her Tinder profile.

"After all these articles about it, I just wanted to delete it," she said. "I think most people think it's funny, which was my intent. But some people think that you're using them, and that wasn't my intent. Guys are going on this app as a hookup site. It's not like I was doing it to be malicious."

She says that if she were to resume the game in the future, she would have the pizzas sent to homeless shelters, which would actually be amazing. Now we're kinda hoping she comes out of Tinder Games retirement.
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