7 Moments When SVFW? Made Us Swoon Over Fashion's Future

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We recently chatted about what we were psyched to see at Silicon Valley Fashion Week?. And now, it turns out that the intentional question mark was eerily spot-on: The first major, tech-focused fashion week raised a lot more questions than it gave answers. Will it return every year? What exactly are drum pants? And where was my ticket? No seriously, give a blogger a call next time!

Even though I had to watch from afar, I was still able to learn from SVFW?. Here are the good, the oddly controversial, and the just downright wacky.

1. Drones can replace models

silicon valley fashion week drone on the runway We have to say that drones carrying clothes draped on hangers won the show. A little creepy? Sure. But look how shiny — and no body shaming!

2. We need swanky bike helmets

torch bike helmet with lights Torch Apparel showed off their genius line of bike helmets with built-in lighting options. They'll not only make you feel like a safe biker but also kinda like an astronaut, which is far out.

3. Women can be viewed as sexual objects on any runway

silicon valley fashion week burlesque dancers controversy This was a big deal. Mashable published an article calling out SVFW? for featuring a burlesque show with scantily-clad women while a band full of (mostly) men played behind them. The crowd had mixed emotions, but Mashable later released a follow-up post stating that the sponsor never intended for it to be taken poorly, that, "the message that this sends (in our humble opinion) is that Treat Social actually supports the empowerment of females in all careers — be it in tech, fashion, or the arts." The sponsor went on to say that they would've taken that portion out of the show if they'd known it would be offensive. Do better next time?

4. Heart-syncing is precious

sensoree fashion-tech duet Sensoree sent their "fashion-tech duet" down the runway to show exactly what the weird white hoodies could do: They were part of a "game" to match each other's heartbeats. According to Sensoree's website, "When the hearts synchronize, a red and white swirl travels around the hood to show they have won the game — their hearts beat as one." Isn't that precious? We think it's precious. (Also, anyone else getting Bjork-vibes here?)

5. Women are ruling fashion — at least tech fashion

tenaya hurst silicon valley fashion week with models

We mentioned watching out for Tenaya Hurst, creator of Rogue Making, earlier this week. As predicted, she owned the stage with her army of ladies wearing rad LED glasses (she's in the center of the photo above). Can we get a pair of those?

6. Bikes of the future are here

genze e-bike silicon valley fashion weekGenZe e-bikes had a major stage presence, promoting that its bikes are not only stylish, but useful. They'll help you trek up those insane San-Francisco hills via a rear hub motor when you want to save your sweat for the gym, not your daily commute to class or work. And the batteries are rechargeable!

7. But we might need these motorized skateboards even more

Boosted showcased these motorized skateboards that are able to travel up to 20 miles per hour (for 6 miles until requiring a recharge). I mean, really, we need these. If there's one thing we took away from SVFW?, it's the pure hope (and joy) that we are one step closer to having the hoverboards of our dreams, just like Marty McFly. Baby steps, y'all. marty mcfly back to the future II hoverboard


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