Stop Everything You're Doing and Watch These Tortoises Eat Tiny Pancakes

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This video is not the normal viral video. It will not restore your faith in humanity or show an incredible interaction between an animal and another animal; an animal and a human or any of the usual combinations of the standard viral video ingredients.

What it DOES show is an interaction between tiny tortoises and even tinier pancakes and it's glorious. If you don't like cute stuff, then feel free to "x" out and go find something not cute. We won't hold it against you.

For those of you who stuck around, this is your reward. Itty bitty pancakes being devoured by little tiny tortoise mouths.

They're probably super excited about the deliciousness that just landed in front of their cute little faces, but it's hard to tell because they're tortoises and they do everything slow, which would obviously include celebrating a stack of pancakes.

Then again, maybe they're just big Kanye West fans and NOT smiling makes them smile, too. And if you think they're about to change that philosophy for the sake of making a viral video, you're sadly mistaken.

We know some people are probably thinking that turtles (or tortoises) can't smile, but try telling that to this hard-shelled ray of sunshine:

One tortoise in the video is obviously more of a waffle guy, though, and he's like 'nah, I'm good, thanks' and he totally just walks away. HOW do you walk away from pancakes?! We respect his decision and everything, but seriously, how does one turn their back on a perfectly fluffy stack of flapjacks?

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