'Catfish' Star Nev Schulman Is Selling His Chest Hair for $20,000

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If you're a diehard Catfish fan and you also happen to have 20 grand burning a hole in your pocket, the universe has just given you a 'glorious' gift in the form of Nev Schulman's chest hair.

Of course, we can all look at it on his Instagram page for free, but now you have a chance to own your very own patch of his chest hair (Nev not included).

What would you do with the chest hair? Probably nothing. Maybe frame it if you felt like it, or put it in a plastic bag or just throw it away, because who cares? If you got the patch of hair, it means that you're a freaking rockstar who just donated $20,000 to Leave Out Violence, an organization that helps youth who have been affected by violence.

"It doesn't get any better than this, the ultimate Nev souvenir: his glorious chest hair!" the description boasts. "It's what makes you call him Daddy, squeal when you see him shirtless, and what inspired @Nevschesthairs and the fan page Nev Schulman's Chest Hair."

Um, what? There is a fan page for Nev Schulman's chest hair? :::Checking::: Yep, it definitely exists and so does the Twitter account, which has an astounding 3,300 followers. No offense, Nev, your chest hair is totally "glorious"...

...but who the heck is following chest hair on Twitter? What does 'it' even say?! Pretty much exactly what you would expect, actually. We know because we scrolled for longer than we'd like to admit to: And don't worry if you can't spring the $20,000 for Nev's chest hair. There are plenty of other prizes (posters, personalized messages and a chance to meet Nev and Max) that come with smaller donations. Check out their GoRaff campaign for more info.
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