Chili's Is Spending Big Bucks to Make Their Food Look Better on Instagram

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If there is anything that is totally predictable in life, it's the fact that you WILL have selfies and food photos filling your feed every single time you check Instagram. Go ahead, check right now. See?

Chili's Grill & Bar has decided to capitalize on that and they want to make sure their food is putting its best foot forward on the photo sharing site. Yes, they have their own account and they can post all kinds of delicious pictures on there, but that can only go so far.

Instead, they want YOU to post the pics of their burgers and they want to make sure they look just as crave-worthy in your pics as they do in their own photos. Obviously, we know food has its own glam squad for most photoshoots (seriously, some of the lucky ones even have their very own "food stylist"), so how can Chili's make sure every single burger they're serving up is camera ready?

They're basically trying to make sure their food is "shareable" and we're not talking split the meal with your BFF kind of sharing - although feel free to do that afterwards if you want to.

First, they want you sharing it on social media.

Some of the things they're doing to make the meals more IG-worthy: They're now serving their fries in a stainless steel container, ribs are being cut into sections and stacked instead of being just thrown on the plate in the standard slab and, according to the Associated Press, they're spending about $750,000 a year on an egg wash that gives burger buns a more photo-friendly glaze.

"It just makes it look great. It glistens, it shines," Wyman Roberts, CEO of Brinker International, the parent company of Chili's, told them.

At first we were like 'hmm...that's interesting, but it will probably be so subtle' and then we went and looked and OH MY GOSH. XXX Food porn status. #NoFilterNeeded.

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