Which Car Singer Type Fits You? This Hilarious Video Will Tell You

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Coming from someone who believes car singing should be an official Olympic sport, YouTube musician and comedian Chad Neidt's video breakdown of all the types of vehicular vocalists couldn't be more accurate. Here I was thinking that they were simply made up of the good, the bad, and the ugly, but according to Chad, there are actually 15 different labels to describe those of us who love hitting high notes while switching lanes.

Among the car singer types are the Premature Chorus Singer (guilty), the Faker (guiltier) and the Harmo-Not-zer (um, no. I am the harmony queen – I'm just sayin'). Anyway, there must be some sort of personality tie-in with these singing types, right?

Take for instance The Cat Killer, in which the singer goes for Ariana Grande's high notes, but only winds up cracking every glass object in sight. This person may not be a great singer (or even a decent one), but they live for adventure and don't believe in holding back. Or how about The Chorus-Only Singer? Now, this individual may not pay much attention to detail, but they're extremely aware of the big picture.

Do these any of these car radio types describe you? Let us know in the comments.


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