Lucy Hale Gives Beauty Advice to Her 16-Year-Old Self

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If Lucy Hale could go back in time, she would change a few things about her beauty regimen.

For starters, her affinity for spray tans and heavy makeup would've been way more toned down. "I feel like the whole spray tan thing really exploded when I was 16," the Pretty Little Liars star told Yahoo! Beauty. "I was just constantly tan, so tan...when I'm really not at all! I can tan naturally, but most of the time, I don't go out in the sun much."

"I would just get these overly done spray tans. It's funny, looking back," she continued. "Back then, I was very tan, wore way more makeup than I do now, and always put on way too much eyeliner. Eyeliner was just like, raccoon-eyes status. It was pretty bad. I also wore way, way too much bronzer. On a positive note, when I was younger, my skin was really great. I had more problems with my skin as I was getting older." Here's a shot of Lucy back in 2005 if you're curious to see what she was talking about:
"Surf School" Los Angeles Premiere - May 16, 2006Lucy also was "obsessed" with Lancôme Juicy Tubes, "super-overly glossed lips – disgustingly glossed lips," and super straight hair.

So, what advice would she give herself back then? "The first thing I'd tell my teenage self is to stop over-plucking your brows," she said. Lucy said she didn't find a good eyebrow shape until she first started Pretty Little Liars.

The country crooner also swears by her mom's advice to "drink water, use SPF, and never go to sleep with makeup on." Lucy added that she would also teach herself how to apply fake eyelashes and how to contour - which she also loves.

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