Oh No! Mom Face Plants During Her Daughter's Proposal

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Well, it's pretty safe to say these two won't be having a beach wedding!

This mom (in the white and gray shirt) had no idea that her daughter (in pink) was about to be proposed to. So she's just acting like it's any other day and she's about to be in any old picture. Of course, it wasn't any old picture and the whole thing was a set up so the boyfriend could propose. Unfortunately, the mom did a full-on face plant as she was trying to figure out whether or not she was supposed to be in 'the picture' and as a result, she was face-down during the proposal.

"We have waited 7 years for him to propose and my mom didn't even get to see it since she was face down in the sand," the girl's sister recalls (via Daily Picks and Flicks). "Good thing we had this video for her too see! And yes, she is okay! Nothing got hurt on her except for maybe her ego : )"

Hey, if anything, this mom should feel like a hero. She single-handedly created a viral video, because let's be honest, do we all get this excited when a proposal goes perfectly? Unless you're one of the parties involved, probably not. And that just made us feel like horrible people, but we love a good viral video!

And in the mom's defense, while it feels like a natural fit to wear flip-flops on the beach, anyone (present company included) who has tried it knows that it's a lot better in principle than it is in practice.
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