Selena Gomez Shuts Down Body Shaming Haters, Wishes She Could Ax Bullying

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Selena Gomez has been all about sporting her curves lately, but she's totally fed up with dealing with fat-shaming "fans." She has been pretty open out about dealing with the criticism that has come recently, and she's not afraid to take on her haters head on.

During a Google Hangout in Germany on Wednesday, Selena said that she's over dealing with people who are criticizing her weight.

"People are so mean, it's exhausting," Sel said. She added that she wishes she could rid the world of bullying.

"I think life is very, very, very hard and I've never had anything come super easy to me no matter what people may think, and I continue to be the best I can be and I just want to enjoy it."

Selena started getting cruel messages about her weight when she posted a photo of herself in a bathing suit to her Instagram account last month. Tons of fans and friends stepped up to support her after reading what people had said.

She didn't really need all of that backup, though. To show she wasn't fazed, she posted more swimsuit pics to her account, and said she's officially got more to love.

Justin Bieber seemed to think so, too...he made sure everyone knew he thought she was the most beautiful girl at the Met Gala just days after her pics got people talking. Take that, haters!

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