Here's How a 10-Year-Old Made $10,000 With Her Lemonade Stand

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Talk about turning lemons into lemonade (in a #BUILTBYGIRLS way).

After a fire destroyed her family's home in March 2013, 10-year-old Alyssa De La Sala was determined to help her parents raise money to rebuild it. The insurance money they were given wasn't enough to completely rebuild it, so Alyssa set up a lemonade stand in her hometown of Tampa, Fla. May 16 and went to work.

Once she set it up, Alyssa wrote a letter to radio show, "The Kane Show," and asked them to advertise her lemonade stand. Then, the radio station helped get a local TV station involved, according to ABC 7. The family couldn't believe all of the support they received.

There were so many people in line at Alyssa's lemonade stand that police officers had to direct the traffic. "I am speechless, overwhelmed," Alyssa said. "It is amazing." Alyssa's brother Damien also pitched in, selling home-baked goods. "Thank you for your support, everything counts and helps us get home," Alyssa said.
One stranger gave them $500 and another gave $1,000, just for one cup of lemonade. Alyssa's one day of lemonade sales alone (a whopping $10,000), along with the family's GoFundMe page raised almost $15,000 for the family.

"We knew we had a good community, but when you just see everyone here it is really overwhelming," her mom Jenn De La Sala said. "She took it upon herself to just want to do something to help mommy and daddy, I don't think she expected it to be anything like this either."

The family has also received pledges from contractors and specialists who want to help them out and a local restaurant who wants to help Alyssa hold another lemonade sale at their establishment, according to ABC News. The De La Salas originally received $50,000 from insurance, but received at $80-$100,000 estimate from a contractor to finish the reconstruction of their home.

It looks like they're on their way to heading back to their home soon.

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