38 New Emoji Set to Debut Next Year: See the Full List

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There are a bunch of new emoji arriving next year - 38 of them to be exact! And now that we see the list, we can't imagine how we lived without some of these things.

According to Yahoo Tech, the new emoji will be added to the existing set in June 2016 as part of the Unicode 9.0 update if everything goes as planned.

Apparently, it was a whole process, and the new emoji had to be approved by the Unicode Consortium's emoji subcommittee (who knew there was such a thing), then they finalized the additions and submitted them to members for a vote of approval. This is serious stuff, guys.

So, what did they approve? A ton of useful things, like a selfie emoji (in the sketches, this just appears to just be a hand holding a phone), a shrugging emoji and a facepalm emoji - we've been waiting WAY too long for this one and have had to use the "see no evil" monkey face in its absence - a hardly qualified substitute.

Here are the other 35 additions we can look forward to. Still no middle finger emoji, sorry.

- Face with cowboy hat

- Clown face

- Nauseated face

- Rolling on the floor laughing

- Drooling face

- Lying face

- "Call me" hand

- Raised back of hand

- Left-facing fist

- Right-facing fist

- Handshake

- Hand with first and index finger crossed

- Pregnant woman

- Man dancing

- Prince

- Man in tuxedo

- Mother Christmas

- Wilted flower

- Scooter

- Motor scooter

- Octagonal sign

- Clinking glasses

- Black heart

- Croissant

- Avocado <---- YASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

- Cucumber

- Bacon

- Potato

- Carrot

- Fox face

- Eagle

- Duck

- Bat

- Shark

- Owl
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