Ed Sheeran Asked to Visit School to Stop Ginger Bullying

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What would Ed Sheeran be without his red hair? It totally adds to his character, and is a big reason why we adore him. That's exactly why one mom is reaching out to him for help. Her young son is getting picked on at school for being a "ginger," and she really wants Ed to come and talk to the kids about bullying and the awesomeness of rocking red locks.

Lauren Brown has not only dyed her own hair red, but set up an anti-bullying campaign on social media after her eight-year-old son was taunted for his hair color. One day he actually had his hat and sunglasses snatched from his head, broken and stomped on the ground. How sad!

"As a mother I am broken seeing my beautiful, clever boy cry at the torment he faces," Lauren told the Mirror.

Now she's trying to get Ed to come to her boy's school in order to show the meanies how being a ginger is actually cool. Ed hasn't responded yet, but other celebs have retweeted.

Lauren said she dyed her own hair ginger "to show my son it's ok to be red." She said, "I need your help to collectively make a difference. I'm calling on you in numbers to help."

We bet you Ed does something to help out this mom. There are reports he was picked on as a kid because of his hair, too. Not cool.
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